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​Join the Wix Grow internship program for software engineers in Lithuania

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Build the future

Start your career at one of the most innovative companies in tech. During the Wix Grow program, you will learn software engineering fundamentals whilst working on code that powers sites used by over 200 million people around the world. 

Wix really looks after its people and focuses on a fun work culture, learning and personal development. During this 6 month program you will be mentored by top engineers and get paid.

You’ll be integrated into a team and work on a real project and receive training. Also, there’s time to study and work on your skills. Sitting with a real team, you will learn how to work at scale and solve interesting challenges.


If you’re curious, watch the opening event that happened on April 6th. The Wix Grow program starts early June 2023.



Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s unique about this opportunity?

You will be mentored by talented and knowledgeable senior engineers. Have fun working on real life projects writing and testing code that reaches over 200 million Wix users. 

Who should apply?

Current students, graduates and self-learners are more than welcome to apply for the program. 

Is this an internship or an entry level position?

This is a paid entry level position for 6 months. You will be placed in an product team and start working on real Wix engineering projects. Get ready to be involved and solve problems from the start, while learning from the best people.

What’s the timeline for the application and interview process?

March 21  

Start applying

April 6

Opening Event where Wix reveals the home assignment (Watch online)

April 23

Last day to submit the home assignment

April 23 — May 19


End of May

Job offers


The Wix Grow Program starts! 

Can I do whole program remotely/ online?

We believe that best learning experience can be achieved by working together with the team and learning from each other. For this reason we expect interns to be in the office most of the time (with exception for exam period and studies activities)

What happens if I submit my homework task after the deadline?

Unfortunately you will not proceed to next recruitment step. If we decide to extend the deadline, we will let everyone know.

Can I start internship later than June?

We expect everyone to start the internship on the same day. If you have study related reason we can discuss starting up to a week later.

Who can I contact with questions?

Reach out to Viltė Stavginskaitė from Wix HR

What happens after the program ends?

We might offer you a permanent role at the end of the program.

The last day to submit the home assignment is 23th April.


Hear about the program from engineers who took part in Wix Grow

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Start your tech career at Wix
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